Wonder Wash for laundering your bedlinen – A handy tip.

White Vinegar is my wonder wash. It is the unsung hero of my laundry. It is one of those little handy hints that make a difference. And I love anything that makes my bedlinen look and feel gorgeous!

I read about white vinegar a few years ago as I always love looking for natural products and try to use them where possible. Some have been failures! But White Vinegar I have used for years and it works. I put it in the washing machine where the fabric softener goes. It softens clothes and bedlinen (especially if you have been using some of the regular wash powders) and acts as a cleanser.

Below are some points that I came across in a book “Tips from your Nana” by Robyn Patterson which I thought are worth sharing. So here they are, unedited:

  • Add 1/2 cup white vinegar to your rinse cycle in place of fabric softener to soften, brighten and reduce lint on clothes. Excellent for sensitive skin.
  • Soak whites and smelly or stained clothes in a bucket of warm water with 1 cup white vinegar before washing. Especially great for sweat stains, smelly socks, grease, and whites that are greying or yellow. (this is why I use the white vinegar on sheets – to keep them white and fresh).
  • Clean your washing machine now and then to remove grease and buildup by running it through an empty wash cycle with 1 cup white vinegar.

And as the book says, NO, your clothes and linen does not come out smelling like vinegar! And even is there are traces of the vinegar smell, it disappears as the laundry dries.

Try it. It is inexpensive and lasts a long time especially if you get the biggest bottle of white vinegar you can find.

Perfect to help keep your beautiful bedlinen fresh and clean.


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