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What makes good QUALITY Cotton Sheets?

It is always hard to know what makes a good cotton sheet and how to choose.


There are so many sheets made from so many different fabrics from so many countries, so many brands and the prices vary so much. How to tell what to look for when choosing a quality cotton bed sheet? It is worth spending a bit more money on really good quality sheets (in my opinion, it is always better to buy less but to buy quality!). On average, we spend a third of our life between the sheets. Why would you not want the BEST you can afford!


One of our suppliers, Seneca, has put together a great summary of what makes a good quality cotton sheet, so over the next few articles, I will take you through what to look for.

Quality Cotton Sheets.

Quality Cotton Sheets must be made from 100% cotton.

No other fabric will give you the cool, soft feel of good quality cotton bed sheets. This is because cotton wicks away moisture, so you feel comfortable, not clammy. The softness you can achieve with a high quality cotton bed sheet is an addictive luxury your skin will remember. Polyester will NOT give you this. It may wear like iron and you don’t need to iron it, but your skin will know the difference!

Experts generally classify cottons (which are used for bedding) into four main types with many categories in each type. These classifications are based on appearance and STAPLE length ( extra-long, long, medium and short).

And what you need to know is that the longer the staple, the finer the fabric. Length really does matter with cotton!

Next time I will go through the main difference between the beautiful cotton produced in Egypt and the cotton that is produced from American Upland cotton which makes up 90% of the world’s cotton crop.

Always buy the best quality cotton sheets you can afford!

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