Egyptian Cotton Sheet Sets

Egyptian Cotton Sheets for Absolutely Luxurious Sheets

Egyptian Cotton Sheets. 

Egyptian cotton is hard to come by, and not all cotton grown in Egypt is what we know as “Egyptian cotton.” Cotton is the most extensively used fiber for bedsheet fabrics due to its strength, breathability, and durability. The length of the cotton fiber is known as its “staple”; the longer the fiber, the more durable the fabric will be. Long staple cotton is difficult to grow and process, but the end results, while more expensive in the short term, are luxurious bedsheets which last for years.

Egyptian cotton – true Egyptian cotton – is the longest staple cotton available, and is grown along the banks of the Nile in Egypt. However, most bed linen on the market advertising itself as “Egyptian cotton” is not truly Egyptian cotton. This is due to a variety of factors.

  • American Upland cottons – which are much shorter than Egyptian cotton – comprise 90 percent of the world’s crop, and make up a large percentage of fabric being labeled as “Egyptian cotton.”
  • Many fabrics labeled “Egyptian cotton” only include a miniscule amount – along the lines of 5 percent – of actual Egyptian cotton.  
  • There is no regulation for the term “Egyptian cotton,” and some dictionaries define it merely as any finely woven cotton.

It can be hard to tell the real deal from the imposter linens, but the difference becomes apparent after your linen has been laundered. True Egyptian cotton only becomes softer with use and can last up to 10 years, while fake cottons will have furring or piling over time and will eventually give way to wear-and-tear.

One of our most trusted suppliers, Seneca, has been importing beautiful Egyptian Cotton Sheets for years. The cotton is grown in the Nile Delta, the cloth is woven in Egypt. Certified genuine Egyptian cotton. Absolutely luxurious sheets.

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