Flannelette Sheets Sets

Flannelette Sheets – Warm Soft Smooth Luxurious

Flannelette sheets seem so old fashioned!

Many of us have memories of them as children, and not necessarily fond memories. The sheets seemed to pill, so you would get tiny balls at the end of the bed or in the middle where the sheets rubbed.

But now we have the most beautiful flannelette sheets! Sheets which are warm, soft, smooth and so luxurious!

The Bellini Lux Flannelette Sheets we have sourced from our suppliers are made from the best quality flannelette in the world. These beautiful smooth warm sheets are made in Portugal, which is the leading flannelette manufacturing country.

Flannel is made from cotton that is brushed on both sides to raise the fibres, creating a soft luxurious feel. It’s medium weight adds extra warmth making them much cosier than cotton sheets, so no matter where you move in the bed there will never be a cold spot.

And the superior construction and yarn size means that these flannelette sheets are non-pilling, and keep their shape, and will last longer that any other flannelette sheets. They will last you for years.

These particular sheets have a luxurious soft handle, and they are made from 100% pure brushed cotton.  They are a thick and cosy 185gm, ensuring you have a world class flannelette quality sheeting.

So you no longer need to settle for a poor quality flannelette sheet which pills and which may last you a year at best. If you haven’t slept in a good flannelette sheet, give these a try. You will be warm and snug for winter.

“I reluctantly got out of bed from between my flannelette sheets this morning (feeling like it wasn’t right I had to be up so early!)”.

“Best night’s sleep snuggled up in my flannelette!”.

You too will love these divine flannelette sheets!

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