Spring Clean Your Bedroom! Fresh BED LINEN.

It’s SPRING time! Time to spring clean your bedroom and bed linen. We have just moved house and I have had to decide what to keep or not to keep and what all the rooms in the house need or don’t need. Of particular interest (of course!) is my bedroom.

While initially fretting that everything I love and treasure won’t fit in, (we have moved to a smaller house) I am now secretly pleased that the move has been an opportunity to SPRING CLEAN and CLEAR THE CLUTTER. It is so easy to keep stuff just in case you might need it one day. But there is little storage in a smaller house, so it means really thinking about what to keep. And to take a fresh look at the bed linen!

So, two sets of REALLY good SHEETS. I cannot understand why we generally baulk at spending a bit extra on good sheets when we spend so much time between them (the sheets). It is such a pleasure to sleep on really smooth Egyptian cotton sheets. Or divine Italian Cotton Sheets. You really DO notice the difference!!


And a couple of REALLY good PILLOWS. The HUNGARIAN GOOSE DOWN pillows are such bliss to lay your head on. You can get one which has a firmer inside and is surrounded by the HGD so that it doesn’t lose it’s shape as you sleep on it. Or you can just sink into a pillow until the morning.

And of course a REALLY good DUVET inner. The HUNGARIAN GOOSE DOWN is the best for a DIVINE warm and blissful sleep. If you get the Duvets which snap together, you have the advantage of a SUMMER weight as well as WINTER weight duvet.  Though if you live somewhere it is hot in the summer nights, you might just be happy with a winter duvet and a sheet and cover for the summer.

THEN there is how to dress the bed to make it LOOK attractive and inviting and a haven for your night time. But at least start with good bed linen. It really does make a difference.

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