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Bedroom Nest with Egyptian Cotton Sheets

  Bedroom Nest with Egyptian Cotton Sheets Two years ago we moved in to our townhouse. It is quite small compared to where we lived before. I’m happy with small. But in all this time I have never got my bed set up to be a nest of happiness and nighttime bliss. We used to […]

Reading between the Flannelette Sheets – Luxury

Reading between the flannelette sheets. One of my most favourite things to do is read in bed. I love reading between the sheets, especially my flannelette sheets.  It’s not for everybody, but for me it is one of life’s luxuries.   Reading between the flannelette sheets – I love being snuggled up in a freshly […]


THREAD COUNT. What makes the best cotton sheet? Thread Count matters. Although thread count is not the only thing that indicates QUALITY. What is Thread Count? Thread Count is the number of threads per 10cm2. So the higher the thread count, the finer the quality of the sheet. It takes long fibres of cotton to […]


What makes the best cotton sheet? Firstly it is The Cotton. One of the best cottons in the world is Egyptian cotton (see our earlier article on Egyptian cotton). However, 90% of the world’s cotton crop is American Upland variety. This cotton is grown in most cotton producing countries, but it has a shorter fibre […]

What Makes Good Quality Cotton Sheets? – The Cotton

What makes good QUALITY Cotton Sheets? It is always hard to know what makes a good cotton sheet and how to choose.   There are so many sheets made from so many different fabrics from so many countries, so many brands and the prices vary so much. How to tell what to look for when […]

Clearing The Linen Cupboard for a Fresh Start to the Year

Clearing your linen cupboard and refreshing your linen is a great way to start the new year. Clearing life of any clutter is always good! Take an hour or so to review and sort your linen into a couple of piles: OLD and WORN-OUT Linens, towels and sheets. THROW them out! If they look tattered […]

Matelasse Bedspreads and Quilts

Matelasse Bedspreads and Quilts Spring is the time to put your winter duvet into storage and put on a medium weight bedspread, and we think the Matelasse bedspreads are perfect! Matelasse is a term used to describe a particular style of bedspread or quilt. The matelasse bedspreads above are in the basket weave design. You can use […]

Spring Clean Your Bedroom! Fresh BED LINEN.

It’s SPRING time! Time to spring clean your bedroom and bed linen. We have just moved house and I have had to decide what to keep or not to keep and what all the rooms in the house need or don’t need. Of particular interest (of course!) is my bedroom. While initially fretting that everything […]

Flannelette Sheets – Warm Soft Smooth Luxurious

Flannelette sheets seem so old fashioned! Many of us have memories of them as children, and not necessarily fond memories. The sheets seemed to pill, so you would get tiny balls at the end of the bed or in the middle where the sheets rubbed. But now we have the most beautiful flannelette sheets! Sheets […]

Why pay more for a Good Linen Sheet?

Why pay more for a good linen sheet? I recently had a conversation with a friend about why some of the sheets we have in our online store are more expensive than other linen sheets. Obviously it comes down to the old saying, you pay for what you get. Though sometimes it is hard to […]